Inform, Inspire, and Incite Change

We design communication and learning solutions to educate audiences and move people to action—shifting behaviour, promoting ideas, facilitating transformation, and improving performance.

Through sharing information and knowledge, we build people's capabilities and create cultures.

Our Services

Our team has the skills and experience to tackle your project at any stage. We offer custom multimedia production, animation, instructional design, narration, and development services to bring your project to life; engaging your audience, promoting understanding, and activating learning. 

From SCORM compliant Storyline courses to custom resource libraries or branded templates, we’re your online learning resource.

Design and Development

Engage your audience with effective visuals and interactivity

We take care of research, analysis, knowledge translation, prototyping and testing
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Gamification and Game Based Learning

Motivate your audience or learners

We develop games to keep users interested and moving forward and stimulate emotional connections with information
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Mobile learning and Microlearning

Interact On-the-Go with Responsive Design

We tailor learning and communication experiences to mobile devices, so your audience can connect with you anywhere, anytime
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How we Work

We work with you to understand your needs and come up with custom solutions, taking your project from start to finish. Your objectives, budget, and timeline inform how we will approach the project and guide us in our process. We are experienced in popular ADDIE, SAM, continuous improvement, design thinking and change management frameworks and methodologies.

Every solution is unique, and pricing varies depending on the complexity of your project. Contact us today to talk about a custom solution.
Below are some estimates to help you plan your project if you’re not sure what to expect.

Simple projects generally involve lower levels of analysis and design and are small in scope, for example basic eLearning development with low levels of interactivity or multimedia production where the script, storyboard, and assets are already provided. These projects can often be overseen by one or two people.

Timeline: 2 – 6 weeks
Budget: <$10,000

Complicated projects  often involve design and development with a high degree of interactivity,  creation of a greater number of assets and experiences, or design of more complicated assets such as 3D modeling, VR. Additionally, these projects usually require a broad team including instructional designers, voice actors, filmmakers or game designers.

Timeline: 1 – 6 Months
Budget: $10,000 – $50,000

Complex projects usually have many people or groups involved, are large in scope, and are made up of multiple project stages with generally longer timelines. 

Timeline: Months – Years
Budget: $50,000+