H&S Workplace Inspections Game

There's a myth that Occupational Health and Safety and legal compliance training is intrinsically boring. In reality, compliance is only boring because most companies remove purpose and discovery from the learning process. For this project, we explored the possibilities of flipping the H&S script.


Supervisor SafePros is an online game to help new operations supervisors in warehouse or manufacturing plant settings learn how to perform effective workplace inspections. This online role-playing game (RPG) lets you control the choices of Sam, a new warehouse supervisor for ACME Co. As you explore the world of the game, you get to know the workers and hazards involved in ACME’s operations. This type of experiential storytelling provides a more contextualized learning experience than your typical H&S checklist or clickthrough presentation, allowing learners to better understand why inspections matter through interactions and choices with consequences and feedback.

This prototype was developed over 3 days by Megan Houle, Mev Masse, Kelly Keleher and Ryan for the 2021 Digital Games and Learning summer institute.

If you are having issues running the game, try reloading in a different browser.