A Journey Through Public & Patient Engagement in Health Research: A Road Map

For this project, we developed an interactive map that shows the diverse activities that partners in research could engage in across a health research project.


Patient-Oriented Research (POR) is about ensuring research is conducted, with, by and for patients. POR ensures health research addresses research questions and health outcomes that matter to patients and aims to improve health care policy, services, and practices. We developed A Journey Through Public and Patient Engagement in Health Research to help individuals better understand the roles that patients and public partners can play in the research process. 

For this project, we worked with the BC SUPPORT Unit to develop an interactive road map that shows the diverse activities that patient and public partners in research could engage in across multiple phases of a health research project. We chose the metaphor of a road map because there is no “correct” or “absolute” way to engage patients and public partners in research; however, there are many different options and opportunities for patients to meaningfully be engaged and make a difference.

The map is designed to allow viewers to explore on their own terms, choosing which stops are relevant to them. At each stop the viewer receives a postcard which outlines the ways in which patient-partners can be involved.