From Research to Action

Most academic research never makes it out of the ivory tower, but some issues can't be ignored.

We worked with over 70 researchers, governments, NGOs, and community members to spark a movement.

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In 2015, Dr. Liza Lorenzetti from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Social Work began gathering together organizational leaders, activists, and fellow researchers to co-develop a novel approach to addressing violence in their communities. 

It’s no secret that physical violence has a gendered history; most traumatic violent crimes in Canada (for example aggravated assault, homicide, level 2 & 3 sexual assault) are perpetrated by men. Since most men do not use violence in their relationships, it’s clear that this is not “natural” or some “inherently male” characteristic. In fact, research shows that issues like domestic and sexual violence are highly preventable, so why has this been accepted as normal for so long?

We co-developed, promoted, trained researchers and volunteers, and led communications and marketing for a province wide survey that asked men about their perspectives on identity, gender, relationships, and what resources and supports are needed for a non-violent future. The Alberta Men’s Survey  received over 2000 responses and led to the formation of a provincial network

We then planned, implemented, and co-facilitated a comprehensive knowledge translation and education campaign across the province which engaged stakeholders in grassroots organizing including developing and designing infographics, community reports, toolkits, and websites for the group as well as co-leading two symposia. Finally, with the expanded network, we provided human-centered design services, working collaboratively with the leadership team to build their capacity to ensure the group had the skills to carry on the digital promotional and organizing work. 

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All services provided

  • Research
  • Focus group facilitation
  • In-person training
  • Information design
  • Multimedia and video production
  • Website design and development
  • Communications planning and implementation
  • Virtual training
  • Resource digitization