Products and Product Design

The answer isn't always another hour long course. Let's work together to build the right digital knowledge product to suit your needs.


Digital Toolkits

Too many blog articles, courses, and old webinar links make focused and practical information hard to find. Digital Toolkits are microsites with all the information and resources a user needs to take action on a specific topic in one place.

Not just another PDF

Digital toolkits organize practical information and resources in a structured and coherent way that allows the end-user to navigate freely, find what they need, and apply it or take action.

Have as a standalone site, embed in a webpage, lightbox, or insert into a company intranet page. 

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Interactive Videos

Online videos are a missed opportunity if they don't invite viewers to become users. Videos with built in interactive features to help users actively engage with your content.

Do more with your video content

Interactive videos have built in buttons and choices in the flow of the video that help users find additional resources, check their knowledge, gain insights, and take action.

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Scenarios and Simulations

Making decisions is hard, and can be a costly risk. Explore choices and practice skills proactively through realistic situations, storytelling, dialogue, and game based learning.

Build skills, reduce risk

Interactive branching scenarios can help people practice soft skills and learn about consequences in a safe environment.

Simulations can help people learn to apply technical processes and procedures, like how to use software or perform a complicated task.

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Interactive Infographics

Most infographics present too much information at once, making them difficult to understand. Help users navigate and make sense of information with interactivity and animation.

Make Sense of Complexity

Interactive infographics help users focus on important information and see relationships while minimizing distractions or confusion. With interactive infographics, you can leverage animation and interactivity to structure information and tell meaningful stories with data.

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