Great Minds Think Differently

We believe in human potential and work strategically to move your audience. Through storytelling, design, and technology—we create practical and meaningful experiences that convey emotion and purpose.

We are not your typical learning design company

We create highly interactive and engaging learning and educational experiences that shift culture, behavior, and attitudes. We design and develop short form microlearning events, ongoing learning programs, and customized knowledge management and process enablement solutions.

We bridge the gap between knowing and doing, inciting action through inspired narratives, interactive learning, and visual communications. Great Minds Interactive Studio develops advanced communications solutions for a diverse portfolio of public organizations, non-profits, and private companies. We have extensive experience engaging both external audiences and internal stakeholders—researching, designing, and implementing unique solutions to serve your needs.

We are continually improving community builders coaches facilitators leaders

Problems we solve

  • Interactive Multimedia Production

    We provide custom multimedia production, animation, video production, information design, audio production, and development services to bring your information to life, engaging and motivating your audience. This includes interactive video production, scenarios, and simulations.

  • Microlearning Experiences and Knowledge Management

    We design and develop custom interactive experiences and tools for your team, customers, or audience such as eLearning, infographics, interactive videos, and knowledge bases or resource hub websites.

  • Learning Program Design and Development

    Our design process involves getting to know your team and target audience as well as we can to ensure our solutions represent their unique needs and priorities. This includes accessibility considerations and involves facilitated consultation, reflection, analysis, testing and evaluation. We specialize in cultural, behavioral, and attitudinal change.

Use cases

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Give people a reason to care, and channel their energy with a call to action, video series, survey or landing page.

  • Resource Hub or Knowledge Base

    Create a dedicated website where your audience can have their questions answered and find help.

  • Employee Onboarding

    Make the most of a critical moment, set policy and expectations, and make sure your team is supported.

  • Customer Education

    Show customers how to use your product with interactive demos and tutorial videos.

  • Employee Enablement

    Set your team up for success, improve processes, reduce mistakes with learning programs.

  • Leadership Development

    Grow talent within your organization and develop a pipeline of leaders.

Our Collaborators

LCL Group

We work closely with Leah and her skillful team of instructional designers, content editors, and LMS specialists to execute large complex projects. Leah's extensive experience and passion for learning shine through on every project.

Together, we design and implement novel and impactful learning experiences from end-to-end for any size of project or organization.

Hot Neon Productions

Hot Neon Productions is a video and animation production company that specializes in creative content, visually engaging and accessible learning materials, and other internal communications pieces.

From live action video production to custom motion graphics and animation, the Hot Neon team helps bring our learning content to life in a medium and format tailored to our audience.